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In a country boasting stunning natural wonders, breathtaking landscapes, a warm welcome and a fascinating culture, Thailand is more than just another wonderful, tropical paradise; and for bird watchers, it is a veritable wonderland! More than 900 species of birds call Thailand home at some point in the year; approximately a third are migrants and others are resident or breeding visitors. Of all the species of bird in the world, Thailand is host to almost 10% of them.

Aside from the everyday encounters that happen in Thailand, wondrous discoveries of more reclusive species are an absolute must for bird watchers who visit. There are well over 100 protected areas in Thailand as well as wild space; the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries here are well loved and maintained. A birdwatching tour of Thailand can include time discovering the breeding programmes of a variety of species, including those on the endangered list.

Experiencing habitats and wildlife not often glimpsed anywhere else in the world, expert guides will be able to answer your questions, assist with identification of species and recommend the best times and places for bird watching in Thailand. The national parks as well as wild countryside, coasts and wildlife sanctuaries are where rare birds fill the sky at sunrise whilst others nestle out of sight and the forests are alive with the sound of a host of bird species in their natural habitats.

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With expert guides and a well-planned itinerary, your bird watching tour will be tailored to meet your requirements and abilities; from gentle treks across fertile landscapes to slightly more demanding visits to the hills and mountains as well as revelatory coastal paths, there is a bird watching tour of Thailand that is just perfect for you.

Whatever tour you choose, you will be assured of an experience unlike any other, amidst some of the most stunning natural scenery in the world. While you’re in Thailand, immerse yourself in the culture, history, art, religion and beauty of the cities, towns and villages as you encounter the warm and welcoming people and go home with vivid memories of this amazing country.

Our Thai bird experts will ensure you get the bird watching tour that suits you best and our aim is to be as flexible as you need. We invite you to join us on a Thai Birdwatching Tour for an entire holiday or as a highlight when visiting Thailand for business, golf or pleasure. Our tours are designed to meet your requirements, whether you are joining us for a day, a week or more; so why not plan something special, unique and ultimately enriching for your next holiday in Asia?

Join us on a bird watching tour of Thailand… discover the song of nature.

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